Better Statistics Screen

Better Statistics Screen


A Minecraft mod that improves the statistics screen and makes it more useful.

Client or server Utility

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Due to the demand for a backport, the latest version of BSS has now been backported to 1.20.X versions.

Note that because v3.12.4 requires TCDCommons API, that means that this backport also requires TCDCommons API to be installed. I apologize in advance if this ends up inconveniencing anyone. Hopefully launchers can handle this and install dependencies automatically.

  • Updated TCDCommons API's Simplified Chinese translations thanks to TCDCommons Issue #14.
  • Updated Ukranian translations thanks to Issue #134.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translations thanks to Issue #135.

Thanks again, to everyone who contributed!

In the meantime, if you have the time to, feel free to check out Extended world selection, my new project that allows you to save and load worlds anywhere on your disk drive.

Useful if you wanna keep all your worlds in one place or elsewhere.

  • Updated Russian translations, thanks to Issue #130.

Thanks again, to everyone who helps contribute to translating this mod!

Yet another small update, for Traditional Chinese translations

  • Updated Traditional Chinese translations, thanks to Issue #129.

Thank you so much again, to everyone who contributes to this mod and gives feedback for it! It is thanks to you all that this mod is able to improve over time.

This is a small release, featuring just a couple of changes.

  • Updated Traditional Chinese translations thanks to dirtTW (aka yichifauzi).
    • See Issue #128 for more info.
    • The translator was added to the credits tab as a contributor
  • Additionally, the "Credits tab" will now try to display information about more entires

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the alpha testing of the "Quick-share" feature in v3.12-alpha.1. Although I did not get any feedback, the people who tested the feature helped me improve things on my end, and ensure everything's working properly.

  • Added quick-share, a feature that allows anyone to quickly publicly share their statistics with anyone else, with one click of a button
    • Since the alpha version, I have implemented more human-readable and translatable error-handler texts for errors that can take place while using the quick-share feature. Although note that some errors may still be English-only or too technical to understand. If you ever run into them, feel free to ask me, and I'll try my best to help you out.
  • Added two more entries to the "Special thanks" section of the "Credits tab"
    • They were added in the alpha version of v3.12
  • Added two more config settings for GUI personalization.
  • Upscaled the texts in the "Credits tab", as they were too tiny on some people's monitors.
    • Although this means that for some people, the text may be a bit too big now, depending on the graphics settings. It's what it's, as you can't really cover all possible case scenarios.

Note: Requires TCDCommons v3.12 or higher

This Alpha release features a bit of an earlier version of a new feature that's coming to 3.12, "Quick share".
This new feature allows people to share their statistics with others, with just one click of a button.

The goal with this release is solely to allow people to test out the feature early, and let me know what they think. So, if you do choose to download this version, please do test out the feature, and tell me what you think. Things like, whether you like it or not, how would you change or improve the GUI, what you dislike about it, and so on... (also I did not implement a proper error-handler GUI, so for now you'll get a dialog box showing the error instead, if it happens)

v.3.12 will fully release soon. In the meantime, I'd love to get some feedback. To provide feedback, you may open a GitHub issue, or contact me directly (which could be CurseForge DMs or my contact form or CurseForge comments section), or you could use the feeback form (which I would actually prefer you do).

  • Added quick-share
  • Made some tweaks and bug fixes
  • Added two more entries to the "Credits" tab
  • Reupload of v3.11.3, but the "full version".

Recently, I had the idea to release "full versions" of BSS on my personal website. The goal was to offer you an easy way to support me (aka by visiting my site) and, in return, I'd give you access to extra features without changing the existing ones. After some thought, I’ve decided to scrap this idea because it seemed like more hassle than it’s worth. I do not wish to inconvenience you, and below is just a few inconveniences my idea posed:

  • Having to close the game to manually download this mod from elsewhere and then manually install it and restart the game
  • Having to do the above process for each update this mod gets
  • Launchers being unable to provide an update mechanism, leaving people stuck on older versions until they update manually

Because of this, I have chosen to keep things simple, and scrap my idea. If I ever choose to go for something similar in the future, it likely will not involve having to manually download and install the mod from elsewhere.

In the meantime, an update:
The "quick share" feature is still in development. I have successfully implemented the back-end logic on my servers, and am now working on integrating them into this mod. If all goes well from here, this feature I plan on adding will be implemented as well.

  • Resolved Issue #125, where the HUD screen's "Done" button would sometimes become stuck on the screen during gameplay
    • Thank you to whoever reported this issue via the feedback form! Feedback helps me keep improving the mod for everyone, so thanks to everyone who contributes as well!

In the meantime, the "Quick share" feature is now in development. If everything goes well and as planned, the feature should eventually allow people to quickly share their statistics with anyone else using this mod. For now, it seems to be going well.

If implemented, the feature will...

  • Be fully client-sided (because it will use a CDN of mine instead of a Minecraft server). This means the feature won't require installing this mod on the Minecraft server
  • Allow in-game people who use this mod to view quick-shared stats (will need internet connection tho, obviously)

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