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BetterHurtCam is a revamped version of NoHurtCam, which allows not only to disable the hurt camera bobbing, but to change its intensity, either via the integrated config screen, or via a keybinding!

Supported Minecraft versions: everything from 1.14 to 1.19.4 and beta 1.7.3

The 23w06a situation

In a 1.19.4 snapshot, 23w06a, Mojang introduced a new accessibility option: Damage Tilt. As the name suggests, it can be used to adjust the intensity of the damage tilt. BetterHurtCam is technically not needed anymore, but you might still want it in 1.19.4+ for the following reasons:

  • Use any multiplier (eg higher than 1 or lower than 0, if that's your thing)
  • Bring back the old non-direction-based damage tilt


  • ukulib (for versions 1.3.3+)

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Licensed MIT
Published 2 years ago
Updated a month ago