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Header Introducing the BisectHosting Server Integration Mod! Adding this to your modpack will allow your players to customize and purchase a server directly within the mulitplayer menu! As of V2.0 -- we have added NEW features to list your official server on our public server list!

This mod is intended for BisectHosting Official Partners.
Apply for the Partnership Program.

Features Features List The BH Menu addon is not just a integration mod but comes with some pretty awesome features as well:

📌Public Server Lists (NEW) - When enabled, BisectHosting players can list their modpacks servers as public for anyone to join!
📌Order Servers In Game - Players can purchase servers directly inside the launcher allowing them to pick ram, player slots, and more!
📌Auto Modpack Detection - When players go to purchase a server, it will automatically detect the modpack and suggest the best fit server for their needs! As a BH Partner, you will receive commission from each purchased server!

You can find your Partner ID and Modpack ID by visiting

(You must log in to the billing panel to authenticate webpage)

Installation Installation Steps 1️⃣ | Step 1. Install the mod onto your Modpack inside the 'Mods' folder. 2️⃣ | Step 2. Run the modpack or execute the Jar file to generate the config file. 3️⃣ | Step 3. Edit mod configurations using either Config menu in game or config file.

🧷 | Where to find Partner ID: Your Partner ID is located in the Earnings page on the Partner Dashboard 🧷 | Where to find Pack ID: Your modpack ID can be searched using the Bisect Integration Mod page on the Partner Dashboard.

How It Works The BisectHosting Integration mod is a combination of custom multiplayer oriented features for your players to purchase servers, list servers on our public server list, and suggest the best plan based on the modpack being played.

The mod takes your Partner ID and Pack ID (partner information) and suggests the best ram and plan for players to start a server in the matter of minutes. Once a server is purchased, the partner will receive commission based on their partnership agreement.

Questions? Contact your designated Partner Manager.

Tutorials Need help?

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