Are you a modpack maker who wants their players to talk to more than a quest book?
Are you a modded server owner who wants to sprinkle some ✨immersion✨ in their world?
Are you perhaps a modder who is looking for an easy-to-use dialogue library with expansive tooling?

Blabber is a mod and library for displaying interactive dialogues to your players. Just write your dialogue description files, then start them on demand!

How it looks

Like that:

Example Dialogue Screen

Or like that:

Example Alt Dialogue Screen

You get to choose per-dialogue.

And here's a little video showcase too:

How it works


Blabber adds the /blabber command, allowing server operators and mapmakers to interact with the mod through commands.

  • /blabber dialogue
    • /blabber dialogue start <dialogue> [<targets>] [<interlocutor>] : Starts a dialogue for one or more players.
      • <dialogue> : the unique identifier for the dialogue
      • [<targets>] (optional) : If specified, must be either a player's username or a target selector. If unspecified, defaults to the player using the command. When used in a command block, [<targets>] is not optional.
      • [<interlocutor>] (optional) : If specified, must be a target selector for a single entity. If unspecified, defaults to no interlocutor.


Blabber will automatically load all JSON files in the data/[namespace]/blabber/dialogues directory. Those can be provided either by mods, or by datapacks.

Each file describes the various states a dialogue can be in. You can find the full description on the website:

Online Dialogue Maker

If you are allergic to code, try this online tool: blabber dialogue editor

Using Blabber (for developers)

You can find the instructions to add Blabber to your development environment on our website:

JSON Schema

The schema for Blabber dialogue files is available here: dialogue.schema.json

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