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Fast travel? How about...

Blast Travel

Get from point A to B quickly and in style with cannons!

Blast Travel Created for ModFest: Singularity
Made for ModFest: Singularity (1.19) for the Quilt Mod Loader

  • Not planned to be ported to other loaders or versions (newer or older); this mod was made mostly for fun
  • If you would like to contribute a port of the mod, make a pull request

Getting Started

Craft the cannon:
Cannon Recipe

Prepare the cannon:

Cannon UI

  • Sneak + interact with (shift-right-click on) the cannon to open its UI
  • Add gunpowder to the first slot (more will fire farther and faster)
  • Add chains to the second slot to lock the cannon
  • Add a decoration block (gold, moss) to the third slot, or optionally add alternative ammunition (tnt, anvils)

Fire the cannon:
Player In Cannon

  • Enter the cannon by interacting with (right-clicking on) it
  • If the cannon is not chained, look around to aim the cannon
  • Jump (press space) while inside the cannon to fire
  • If you would like to fire something else (alternative ammunition, or another player), power the cannon with redstone

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Technical information

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Server side
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