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BlossomHomes is a Minecraft Fabric mod in the Blossom-series mods that provides /home command and utilities

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This mod's config file can be found at config/BlossomMods/BlossomHomes.json, after running the server with the mod at least once.

teleportation: TeleportationConfig - teleportation settings
standStill: int - (seconds), how long the player has to stand still before being teleported
cooldown: int - (seconds), how long the player has to wait after teleporting using this command, before being able to teleport again
defaultHome: String - name of the default home
startHomes: int - default max homes
dimensionBlacklist: String[] - a list of dimension ids (like minecraft:the_end) in which a player can't set a home useBlacklistAsWhitelist: boolean - invert blacklist to function as a whitelist
fallbackToPlayerSpawnPoint: boolean - use player spawn point if no default home set

Commands & their permissions

In all commands where <name> is optional, if it's not provided, config value defaultHome will be used.
Do pay attention that only /homes subcommand permissions have the homes as a plural. This is done to allow the server owners to hide some commands in case of command clutter.

  • /home [<name>] - teleport self to home named <name>
    Permission: blossom.home (default: true)
  • /sethome [<name>] - creates a home named <name>
    Permission: blossom.home.set (default: true)
  • /sethome <name> <position> <rotation> - creates a home named <name> at <position> facing <rotation>
    Permission: blossom.home.set.pos (default: false)
  • /sethome <name> <position> <rotation> <dimension> - creates a home named <name> in <dimension> at <position> facing <rotation>
    Permission: blossom.home.set.dim (default: false)
  • /delhome [<name>] - delete a home named <name>
    Permission: blossom.home.remove (default: true)
  • /listhomes - lists all homes
    Permission: blossom.home.list (default: true)
  • /homes - alias of /listhomes
    Permission: (default: true)
    • list - alias of /listhomes
      Permission: (default: true)
    • set - alias of /sethome
      Permission: (default: true)
    • add - alias of /sethome
      Permission: (default: false)
    • delete - alias of /delhome
      Permission: (default: true)
    • remove - alias of /delhome
      Permission: (default: false)
    • set-max <new-max> <players> - set all <players>'s max homes to <new-max>
      Permission: (default: OP level 2)
    • load-legacy [<overwrite>] - load legacy FabricHomes player homes, appending them to existing player homes, unless <overwrite> is set to true, then replace all (found) player homes. Players don't have to be online for their homes to be updated
      Permission: (default: OP level 4)

Permission: (default: OP level 2) - allow setting homes in blacklisted dimensions. To set other players' homes, /execute as <player> run sethome <name> can be used.

Translation keys

only keys with available arguments are shown, for full list, please see src/main/resources/data/blossom/lang/en_us.json

  • 1 argument - max home count
  • 2 arguments - total home count, max home count
  • 1 argument - home name
  • 7 arguments - home name, home dimension key, home x, home y, home z, home yaw, home pitch
  • 1 argument - home name
  • 1 argument - max home count
  • 1 argument - home name
  • 1 argument - home name
  • 1 argument - home name
  • 2 arguments - new max, players
  • 2 arguments - home count, player count

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