Boat Fall

Boat Fall


Makes boats and their passengers take fall damage

Server Utility

Created3 years ago
Updateda year ago

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Boat Fall

This mod is a port of a fix from RandomPatches for MC-98160 and MC-105103. The mod works entirely server side while still functioning on the client. With this mod installed boats will break when they fall from a great enough height and their passengers will take the appropriate amount of fall damage. Boats with chests will drop their inventory on the ground when destroyed by fall damage.


  • Does this work on my client?

    • Yes, it will fix the bugs on the integrated server, but is not needed when connected to servers as the mod can function entirely server side.
  • Can you port to Forge?

    • No, there are no plans to port to Forge at this time.
  • Can you port to another version?

    • I will only port to newer versions of the game. All releases have their version limited to all minor releases of the current major version when released.

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