Boats and Beeps




Want bigger boats? Furnace-powered boats? Boats with chests? Boats that can ✨ fly ✨?


B&B has you covered! Craft the Boat Upgrade Table, put a boat in, and start putting in upgrades!


  • Furnace: right click with coal to make it move! More furnaces = more speed
  • Chest: It's a chest, it stores things.
  • Blue Ice: Makes your boat slippery, so it moves quickly on land
  • Sea Lantern: Makes your boat much much faster on water!
  • End Rod: Lets your boat fly, if you're careful and fast enough
  • Banners and Heads: Just decorative!
  • Plus two secret ones...


You can also lengthen your boats by putting more boats into the upgrade table! Make infinite boats!*

*boats over 100 length are... laggy.


Made for Modfest 1.17!

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