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Bonsais is a Minecraft Mod about tiny trees.

Made for Modfest Singularity
Available for Quilt Loader

All vanilla saplings except dark oak growing in pots

Bonsai Pots can be used to grow miniature versions of any tree with a sapling. Start by crafting one with some terracotta, bricks, and dirt.

Recipes for Bonsai Pots

Once crafted, place it down. Click it with any supported sapling (see below) and watch it grow!

How does it work?

When planted in the pot, the sapling is simulated and actually grown. Each tree will have variation as if it was planted on the ground normally.

Current Features

The mod is currently an alpha version. It is not feature complete, and can only be used for decoration right now. More features and functionality are planned.

Supported Saplings

All vanilla-style saplings should work. This means (almost) all vanilla saplings as well as most modded ones should work fine. However, a notable exception is the Dark Oak tree. Since it requires a 2x2 of saplings, it can't be grown currently. Fixing this is planned.

Mushroom trees are not yet supported.

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