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Boring Default Game Rules

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A mod that allows to change the default game rule values. Uses JSON Schema!


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Created 10 months ago
Updated 6 months ago

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Boring Default Game Rules

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Boring Default Game Rules is a simple mod that allows for changing the default values of all games rules. While this could stop here, there is a major difference: while there's currently no config GUI (one will be provided in the future), it has never been so easy to edit a mod's config file like this mod, because this mod makes use of JSON schemas!


This mod requires Minecraft 1.17+ and the Fabric API. This mod also has optional integration with Mod Menu.


The config file is located at .minecraft/config/boringdefaultgamerules.json, and if you use an editor compatible with JSON Schema (like Visual Studio Code), you can easily edit it, because this mod generates a JSON schema once the game starts, and so, extra information is provided to the config file, and you can see what are the options and since it's generated, you can use autocompletion with the available game rules that the game has! If you have Mod Menu installed, you can reload the settings by pressing the config button, making the config process fast and simple!


This mod is licensed under the MIT license. You can freely include the mod on any modpack with no permission. Usage of this mod's code on other projects or derivatives of this mod is allowed as long as attribution is given.