Boss And Magic

Boss And Magic


this mod add new unique bosses and many more content to the game

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Created9 months ago
Updated9 months ago

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this mod add new bosses and new items to the game such as the Magician King this mod is currently work in progess so in the future there will be more bosses ,structure for each boss ,dungeons and many more

This Mod Requires Geckolib And Pehkui mod to work this mod is still work in progess so in future more content will be added

Avaliable Bosses -Magician King -The Oracle (Creative Only)

Abandoned Boss(summon via command) -Frozen Slime -Lava Giant

Planned Stuff List -Wraith(Boss) -Lost Soul(Mobs) -Creeper Pet(Mobs) -The Infected Dimension(Dimension) -End City Golem(Miniboss) -Texture The Sonic Puncher and change name to Portal Master

there's also other work in progess boss/abandoned bosses which could be summon through command but i am not recomending on summon them as they're work in progess and still have an issue


will the boss have their own structure? :

of course they will

does magician king spawn in raid?

not yet but it will in future

why did you remove Lava Giant and Frozen Slime

low quality and i put it to be only to spawn by command

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