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Bouncy Life

Play and bounce around together with your favourite slimes.


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Play and bounce around together with your favourite slimes.


Requires Fabric API to be installed beginning with version 1.1.8.


  • Slime Fork:
    • Shoot yourself around by aiming at blocks
    • Shoot entities around by aiming at them
    • Enchant your fork to increase these effects
  • Slime Armor: Negates fall and kinetic damage. Acts a bit like the thorns enchantment ;)
    • Slimes won't attack you when you wear full slime armor
    • Slime shoes let you bounce.
  • Pet slimes:
    • Pet slimes by feeding them honey
    • Small pet slimes can be raised by feeding them honey or rotten flesh
    • Pet slimes can merge with other pet slimes of the same size by "breeding" them
    • Pet slimes can be coloured:
      • Coloured pet slimes drop coloured slime balls
      • Coloured slime blocks act like normal slime blocks but don't stick to them
    • Saddle your pet slimes to ride them!