Concurrent Chunk Management Engine (Fabric)

Concurrent Chunk Management Engine (Fabric)


A Fabric mod designed to improve the chunk performance of Minecraft.

Client or server Optimization

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Concurrent Chunk Management Engine (Fabric)

A Fabric mod designed to improve the chunk performance of Minecraft.

So what is C2ME?

C^2M-Engine, or C2ME for short, is a Fabric mod designed to improve the performance of chunk generation, I/O, and loading. This is done by taking advantage of multiple CPU cores in parallel. For the best performance it is recommended to use C2ME with Lithium and Starlight.

What does C2ME stand for?

Concurrent chunk management engine, it's about making the game better threaded and more scalable in regard to world gen and chunk io performance.

So what is C2ME not?

C2ME is currently in alpha stage and pretty experimental.
Although it is usable in most cases and tested during build time, it doesn't mean that it is fully stable for a production server.
So backup your worlds and practice good game modding skills.


Our issue tracker: link
Our discord server: link

Development builds

Note: Development builds may modify the config files in a way unreadable by previous versions. You may encounter crashes or config reset when rolling back to previous versions. Please always backup your config.

You can find development builds here:
Note that these builds may contain more bugfixes and performance improvements but are less tested.
If you have encountered any problems in release builds, give development builds a try before reporting.


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