Cabricality Utils

Cabricality Utils


A set of utils for the Cabricality modpack

Client and server CursedLibraryUtility

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Cabricality Utils has been archived. Cabricality Utils will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Cabricality Utils

This is a small Minecraft mod for Cabricality Modpack. Currently, it only supports Fabric/Quilt 1.18.2.


  • Make Trade Cards and Profession Cards easier to translate.
  • Replace Ad Astra and Bits and Chisels' wrench with the Create one.
  • Tweak bounding boxes of Flags from Ad Astra to match the custom models in Cabricality.
  • Catch the registrations with namespace of cabricality and add them to vanilla datafixers.
  • Move items form KubeJS to a new item group instead of that KubeJS one.

When certain necessary mods are not loaded:

  • Stop dedicated server at startup.
  • Replace client translatable texts to notify the player.


  • Ad Astra
  • Bits and Chisels
  • Create
  • KubeJS


The package names in net.minecraft are from Yarn Mappings.

With Changes

  • com.github.alexnijjar.ad_astra.blocks.flags.FlagBlock
  • com.simibubi.create.content.contraptions.wrench.WrenchItem
  • dev.latvian.mods.kubejs.KubeJS
  • net.minecraft.util.registry.Registry
  • net.minecraft.datafixer.Schemas
  • net.minecraft.text.TranslatableText

Without Changes

  • net.minecraft.util.registry.SimpleRegistry

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Licensed MIT
Published 2 years ago
Updated 2 years ago