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  • Fix mixin crash on forge
  • Fix issue with sleeping bags
  • Fix mixin crash, mainly on forge

No Changelog Available

  • Port to 1.19 \o/

No Changelog Available

  • Fixed memory leak when Sodium was installed (Does not fix rope bridge compatibility with Sodium!)
  • Fix missing translation for Rope Bridge Planks
  • Fail more gracefully when OptiFine is detected
  • Fixed backpacks losing items with keepInventory enabled
  • Fixed backpacks losing items with the Gravestones mod
  • Fixed backpacks not dropping items when un-equipped properly
  • Fixed flares being able to replace blocks
  • Added the ability to place tents without having to put them in bags
  • Added a full contributors list
  • Fixed the website and issues link
  • Updated to use Fabric Networking API v1