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Cardinal Ice Boats

Universal mod

Provides Several QOL Utilities for Ice Boating


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# Cardinal Ice Boats


Provides Several QOL Utilities for ice boating:


Universal Features:

Work when installed on the server or the client!
Placement Snapping:
Boats will snap to facing North/South/East/West (and 45 degree angles) when placed on ice.

Client Exclusive Features:

Turn Priming:
Pressing the left or right arrow(configurable in the controls menu) will prime a turn. When your turn comes up, your boat will stop and rotate 90 degrees automatically!
Hosting a server and don't like this? can be disabled by installing our optout mod!

Manual Snapping:
Somehow get your boat out of its cardinal orientation? Pressing the up arrow(configurable in the controls menu) will snap your boat back to the nearest Cardinal (or 45 degree) direction!

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