Caves & Cliffs: Sculk

Caves & Cliffs: Sculk


Adds Sculk Sensors, Sculk blocks, Slate, and Candles from the 1.17 update.

Client and server Decoration

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C&C: Sculk

Sculk Sensors and more!

This mod is a concept and doesn't have any crafting recipes or block drops. It cannot be used in vanilla survival. All blocks are available in the vanilla item tabs.



Sculk sensors are blocks from the 1.17 update, shown at Minecraft Live 2020, that can detect vibrations and movement. They can sense footsteps, block placing, and projectiles!

According to the Minecraft Developers, sculk sensors don't react to sounds, they react to predetermined vibration "triggers". That is the way they work in this mod.

Currently, sculk sensors don't react to every kind of vibration. If they aren't sensing something you think they should be sensing, leave an issue on GitHub!

- Sculk Blocks!

This mod introduces 3 types of sculk themed blocks shown during Minecraft Live 2020. They include Sculk Growths, Sculk Growth Blocks, and Sculk Sources.

Sculk sources will very slowly spread sculk growth blocks around them onto stone.

- Slate!

Slate's name has not been confirmed, and it may not even be likely it will generate in the Deep Dark with sculk blocks in 1.17. However, it was shown in the demo of the Warden (which is not included in this mod) along with the sculk blocks and candles, so it has been included in this mod.

- Candles!

Candles are customizable light sources that come in all dye colors, and they can be placed in different amounts to give off different light levels. Their placement works like sea pickles or turtle eggs.

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