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Polymer Patch for CC: Tweaked

Doing things no one else did...

What is this?

This is a patch for CC: Tweaked (which by itself is fork/continuation of original ComputerCraft), that modifies it allowing nearly all functionality of regular version to work purely server side (Vanilla client can join servers using it and have all functionality!). It still requires server to run on Fabric or Quilt, so keep that in mind!

CC: Tweaked is required and not included within this mod.

You can read more about CC: Tweaked on it's Modrinth page!

Basic setup In computer

How to use uis

To move mouse pointer you just need to move same way as you would rotate camera. To input text directly to PC, type / and follow it by your input To run macros/shortcuts, send a message starting with ; (press tab to list all available) To exit guis press Ctrl + Q.


  • DFPWM/playing dynamic audio from speakers is not supported.
  • Mouse in UIs is effected by player's ping.

== Download on Modrinth ==

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Technical information

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Server side
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