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CC: Restitched

CC:Tweaked for Fabric (ComputerCraft)


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CC: Restitched

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What is CC:Restitched

This is a port of cc-tweaked/CC-Tweaked to the Fabric modloader as well as being a continuation of JemmaZZ/cc-tweaked-fabric and can be found at Github Actions, Modrinth and Curseforge.

CC: Restitched and CC: Tweaked

CC: R tries to maintain parity with CC: T, though it may be behind or divergent in some areas. If you notice a disparity please open an issue. CC: R major and minor version numbers indicate parity with the major features of that version of CC: T. Patch version numbers will NOT align.

Included Resource Packs

This mod includes textures by Jummit that are more in line with the style of Mojang's new texture-artist, Jappa. If you prefer the original ComputerCraft textures you should enable the classic resource pack. We also have a third resourcepack made by 3prm3, it features a complete overhaul of CC's textures (in the style of an industrial mod) and can be used by enabling the overhaul resource pack. You can also check out his resource pack over here as well!CC: Restitched

Bleeding Edge Versions

Bleeding edge builds can be found here at Github Actions. In the .zip file there should be a -dev jar, a -javadoc jar, a -sources-dev jar, a -sources jar, and a "plain" jar (jar without an affixed tag) jar. Put the "plain" jar in the mods folder.

Contributing to the Repo

Any contribution is welcome, be it using the mod, reporting bugs or contributing code. In order to start helping develop CC: R there are a few rules;

  1. Follow the Fabric programming guidelines as close as possible. This means you have to use loom mappings, if you use anything else, your code will be rejected.
  2. Make sure your code follows the checkstyle rules. You can test this by running ./gradle build or ./gradle check.
  3. You cannot intentionally implement bugs and security vulnerabilities.
  4. Unless the code is taken directly from CC: Tweaked, lua code is offlimits from alteration. If you wish to contribute your changes to the in game rom please contribute upstream at CC-Tweaked.
  5. Branches should be named in this format mc-<major ver.>.x/<specific-mc-ver.>
Rendering Mod Compatibility
    • Scuffed with VBO Rendering

    • VBO is broken

      Monitors are following the player?.

        • The screen seems to get bigger the closer you get to it.
CC: Restitched

If you need help getting started with CC: Restitched, want to show off your latest project, or just want to chat about ComputerCraft, here is the Computercraft Forum and the Computer Mods Discord!. There is also a wiki that can be found at

CC: Restitched

Unfortunately, CC: Restitched does not have as many peripherals mods available as CC: Tweaked though there is one known as Allium Peripherals made by hugeblank which can be found here. But if you're an interested mod developer, please check out our api package. If you've already made a mod with CC: R peripheral support OR if you're a player who found a mod with CC: R integration, please open an issue here to let us know and we'll add it to the list!