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Shooting Stars

Adds shooting stars and insomnia to everyone's favourite block game.
  • Shooting stars:
    - randomly triggered serverside (only at night) and synced to all players
    - can also be created using commands (for showcase - /celestria shooting_star %PLAYER% x z)
    - server sends packet to client which then renders the shooting star (mixin into WorldRenderer)
    - players get Minecraft's Luck effect
    - client-side mode that automatically gets enabled when joining servers without the mod
  • Insomnia:
    - on start of a night with full moon, players have an individual and configurable chance of receiving the 'Insomnia' effect
    - effect prevents players from entering a bed, instead sending a chat message to inform them about the reason

A video showcase of Celestria's shooting stars
The chance of shooting stars occuring is of course cranked up quite a bit for showcasing purposes

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