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Custom Entity Models (but for Fabric)

An implementation of custom entity models heavily based off of Optifine's format that aims to achieve feature parity with Optifine's custom entity models.

Current State of this Mod

This mod is currently in ALPHA, meaning that things MAY or MAY NOT work properly! There is absolutely no guarantee that things will work as intended or at all!


Check out Modrinth page, the CurseForge page, or build it yourself. This mod requires the installation of the Fabric Loader. If you want to configure this mod, the installation of completeconfig and Cloth Config API are also required.

How to use

This mod loads .jem and .jpm files from "assets/dorianpb/cem" folder in resource packs. For resource packs intended to be used with Optifine, renaming " assets/minecraft/optifine/cem" to "assets/dorianpb/cem" should work fine. If you install the optional dependencies, this isn't necessary as there is an option within the config to just load from optifine's folder structure.

Discord Server Link

Join my discord server here:

For resource pack devs

The file format for the .jem and .jpm is identical to the Optfine's (check out here , here, and here). The folder structures inside "assets/dorianpb/cem" does not matter. If you want to assign a custom model for a creeper, you could put the file as "assets/dorianpb/cem/creeper.jem", "assets/dorianpb/cem/creeper/creeper.jem", " assets/dorianpb/cem/za/waurdo/creeper.jem", etc.


  • For now, only the following entities are supported (in alphabetical order):

    • Armor Stands
    • Banners
    • Bats
    • Bees
    • Blazes
    • Cats
    • Cows
    • Chicken
    • Creepers
    • Endermen
    • Ender Dragon (must be ender_dragon.jem, not dragon.jem)
    • Fish (just salmon for now)
    • Foxes
    • Ghasts
    • Guardians and Elder Guardians
    • Horses and their undead variants
    • Illagers (Evokers, Illusioners, Pillagers, and Vindicators)
    • Iron Golems
    • Magma Cubes
    • Minecarts (all variants)
    • Mooshrooms
    • Ocelots
    • Phantoms
    • Pigs
    • Piglins (including Piglin Brutes and Zombified Piglins)
    • Rabbits
    • Sheep
    • Skeletons and their variants (Wither Skeletons and Strays)
    • Slimes
    • Spiders (and Cave Spiders
    • Tridents
    • Villagers (and Zombie Villagers)
    • Wandering Traders
    • Witches
    • Wolves
    • Zombies and their variants (Husks, Drowned, and Giants)
  • Individual part textures are not supported (you can only specify texture and texture size in the .jem file).

  • Sprites are not supported.

  • The attach option is not supported.

  • This mod will auto create features like the charge aura around a creeper, and the pig's saddle model so that it fits with your custom model, which Optifine doesn't do

    • Mobs like Drowned support customization of their outer layers (drowned_outer.jem would work here).
  • Currently, the animations do behave slightly differently than optifine's, just enough to break some packs.


This project is licensed with LGPL v3.0. Please don't repost this project anywhere without my written permission first.


  • Implement the rest of the entities
  • Make animations perfect
  • attach support
  • A better icon! This one succs

For mod devs

If your fabric mod creates new entities, you can add support for CEM without too much work! Look at net.dorianpb.external for an example implementation. Make sure to use the " cem" entrypoint.


  • dorianpb, for actually creating the mod
  • sp614x, for Optifine's CEM, which this mod is based on
  • Mojang, for actually creating Minecraft
  • The Zombie Pigman, whose restoration is the entirety of my motivation for this project
  • Anyone else who decides to contribute (Look here)

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