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Fabric port of the Minecraft mod Chalk by mortuusars with some additions and adjustments. Thank you very much for creating the original Forge version and the permission to port Chalk to fabric!

Adds Chalk to aid you on your mining journeys. Never lose your way again.

  • Chalk: Crafted shapeless with 2 Calcite (+Dye)
  • Glow Chalk: Crafted shapeless with 2 Calcite and a Glow Ink Sac (+Dye)
  • Chalk comes in all 16 vanilla colors. To get colored chalk add a piece of dye to your chalk recipe

With chalk, you are able to mark the surface of every full block. Hitting the corner of a block creates an arrow pointing in that direction, hitting the center creates an X. Marks from Glow Chalk can be seen in total darkness, perfect for caving action!

Want Chalk in all colors of the rainbow as seen in the screenshot?

=> Check out the addon: Chalk (Fabric): Colorful Addon

(the 1.18.2 versions contain colored chalk by default)

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