Chance Globe

Chance Globe


Spawns a random block or item upon placing it down!

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The Chance Globe is a block that, when placed down, will, similar to loot boxes in some other games, generate a random block or item out of all available blocks and items and place the block/drop the item after 10 seconds in its place. Note, that you can get any block or item, so you could end up with a useless stick, a dirt block, or even a nether star or diamond block! It's purely based on good luck! Do note that in 1.19.3, content that is part of experimental datapacks can only be received when the corresponding datapack is enabled.
You can craft the Chance Globe as follows (yes, you will receive 5 when crafting). All plank and glass types work:



There are 4 configuration options:

  • filtered_blocks - Blocks whose registry names (e.g. minecraft:grass) are in this list will be filtered.
  • filtered_items - Items whose registry names (e.g. minecraft:stick) are in this list will be filtered.
  • filter_mode - Set to 0 to filter with a blacklist, meaning all blocks/items in the lists above cannot be used for randomization by the Chance Globe. Set to 1 to filter with a whitelist, meaning that only blocks/items in the lists above will be used for randomization by the Chance Globe.
  • enable_filter - Set to true to enable filtering the blocks/items in the lists using the given filter mode, false to not filter anything and let the Chance Globe randomize using every block and item.

By default, filters are enabled and set to blacklist. The lists contain blocks/items such as bedrock, command blocks, barriers etc.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.

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