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Chat Patches (formerly Where's My Chat History)

Requires Yet Another Config Lib and Mod Menu for 1.19.2+

This mod does quite a few things:

  • Increases the maximum amount of chat messages from 100 to 16,384
  • Adds a timestamp in front of all messages, formatted as [HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND] in pink text, with a tooltip that renders a complete date
  • Keeps chat history and previously sent messages across ALL worlds and servers
  • Allows logging chat messages for restoring them later in future Minecraft sessions
  • Lets you modify vanilla player names to anything you want (ex. without the triangle brackets!)
  • Minimizes spam with a counter that shows how many duplicate messages have been sent in a row
  • Shifts the chat hud up by 10 pixels, so it doesn't overlap with the armor bar
  • Provides a menu to copy specific data (and the text of course!) from chat messages
  • Lets you search through all received messages with a search bar
  • All of this is configurable, with much more to offer!

This mod also provides features from a multitude of other mods, including:

Be on the lookout for new versions, issues, and future features!


  • What Minecraft version can I use this with?
    • The latest Fabric versions of Minecraft, plus 1.18.x. Quilt appears to work, but I don't provide official support for it.
  • Will you make it for (older Minecraft version)?
    • Not likely. The oldest version I'll be making is 1.18.x. Any older version would only be supported if it is generally recognized as a modding-LTS version and if it is commonly requested, because backporting is boring and makes me want to die.
  • Will you make this for Forge?
    • Probably at some point after all the major changes I want to implement are finished. But right now, I doubt it. Fabric's API is simple, and I am too lazy to learn Forge's until then.
  • I found a bug/issue, what do I do?
    • First, make sure you have the latest version of the mod for your Minecraft version. If it still persists, you can click on the Issues tab on this page, and nobody has opened one about your issue then create one! Note that a lack of provided information will increase time needed to fix.
  • It says I need to install Fabric, but I already have it installed?
  • Do servers need this mod?
    • It is client side, so no.
  • I can't access the config menu in-game!
    • For 1.19.2+: After ensuring YACL and Mod Menu are installed, if you still cannot access the config, check for an error message and open an issue on GitHub. If there isn't an error message, open an issue anyway and follow the instructions in the issue template.
    • For 1.18.x: You need the LATEST versions of both Cloth Config and Mod Menu to access it in game.
    • For all versions: You can always edit the config at (directory)/config/chatpatches.json.
  • My config is broken/not working!
    • When you load one of the more recent mod versions, it makes a creates a new file with your old settings and resets the main file. You can access this copy at (directory)/config/chatpatches_old.json. By then opening both the new and old configs at the same time, you can copy and paste over the values. Make sure the settings have correct inputs (ex. time should be true/false not 123 or "true"). If you still are having problems, open a new issue on GitHub.

Localization and Translation

If you would like to help translate Chat Patches into other languages, you can:

Once you contribute, join the Discord server so you can receive your Contributor and Translator roles!

Find out more information on the GitHub page!

Any suggestions and/or issues are much more likely to be addressed if they are made on GitHub.

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