Chicken Nerf

Chicken Nerf


Prevents random chicken egg laying. Instead, breeding chickens produces eggs.

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Chicken Nerf

Minecraft versions environment: server
loader: Fabric available for: Quilt Loader
Requires: Fabric API supports: Cloth Config supports: Mod Menu supports: SSS Translate
license: MIT source on: GitLab issues: GitLab localized: Percentage
Modrinth: Downloads CurseForge: Downloads
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Prevents random chicken egg laying. Instead, breeding chickens produces eggs.

Works server-side and in single player.

VioletMistCloudDrift has also created a Forge port.

Ever think "Chicken farms are too easy...", or "Getting food in Minecraft isn't a challenge anymore..."?
Well, this mod can help you with that.

Chickens will no longer randomly lay eggs.
Instead, when you breed two chicken (with seed like in vanilla), they will produce a random number of eggs.
This has several advantages:

  • it makes more sense
  • it makes chicken farms less trivial
  • it can reduce lag because wild chickens won't randomly create items all over the place
  • it more closely matches the other animals of minecraft

You can see the mod showcased at 2:00 of this video by bstylia14.

Mod Integrations Some entities from these mods will have their breeding behavior changed similarly to how Chicken Nerf affects chickens.


Supports Cloth Config and Mod Menu for configuration, but neither is required.

Options will use their default values if Cloth Config is absent.

If Cloth Config is present, options can be configured either through Mod Menu or by editing config/chicken_nerf.json in your instance folder (.minecraft/ by default for the vanilla launcher).

  • Minimum eggs chickens lay; default 1
  • Maximum eggs chickens lay; default 3
  • Average chickens from one egg; default 0.6


localized: Percentage supports: SSS Translate
Install SSS Translate to automatically download new translations.
You can help translate Chicken Nerf on Crowdin.

This mod is only for Fabric (works on Quilt, too!) and I won't be porting it to Forge. The license is MIT, however, so anyone else is free to port it. and VioletMistCloudDrift has ported it to Forge!

I'd appreciate links back to this page if you port or otherwise modify this project, but links aren't required.

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