[📦] Chunk Copy (Fabric)

[📦] Chunk Copy (Fabric)


A client-side Minecraft mod that downloads (copies) worlds from multiplayer servers.


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[📦] Chunk Copy (Fabric) has been archived. [📦] Chunk Copy (Fabric) will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Hello everyone. I would like to mention that I do not have any plans to continue the development of this mod for now. I may publish releases for future versions of the game, however that is not guaranteed. This mod is also a bit messy and incompatible with some other mods (for example if your frame rate drops to 0 when auto copying, then that is because of incompatibilities with other mods), and resolving such issues would require straight-up rewriting the mod.

There are also other third party tools that aim to do the same thing this mod does, so if this mod is not sufficient enough for you, you could try giving one of those other tools a try (note: i do not wish to link any of them nor do i claim any responsibilities for them. so if you get a virus, it's on you).

So yeah, sorry about that, and hopefully this mod manages to help you out. Have a great day!

[Feb. 5th 2023]

Chunk Copy

Important: Before downloading the v2.2.1 for Minecraft 1.19, please read the file description. Also keep in mind that pasting chunks can only be done on the same Minecraft version you copied chunks on.

Chunk Copy is a Fabric Minecraft mod used for downloading multiplayer worlds by copying their chunks and pasting them into singleplayer worlds. This mod adds a client-side command /chunkcopy that is used to copy and paste world chunks. All copied world chunks are stored in the mods/chunkcopy directory.

  • Warning: This mod does not feature a way to undo and redo changes made to chunks. Please be careful as any wrong moves made cannot be undone.
  • For more info about the mod, check the source code page.

Command syntaxes:

  • /chunkcopy (copy/paste) <file_name> [chunk_distance]
  • /chunkcopy fill <chunk_distance> <block>
  • /chunkcopy clear <chunk_distance>
  • /chunkcopy autoCopy start [file_name]
  • /chunkcopy autoCopy stop

file_name - This is the name of the directory where the chunk data will be saved to and loaded from. All copied chunks are stored in the mods/chunkcopy/[file_name]/ directory.
chunk_distance - This is kind of like render distance. It defines how close the chunk has to be in order to be copied or pasted. Set this to 1 to copy or paste a single chunk in which you are located in. By default, this value depends on the render distance. Because large chunk distances cause massive lag and the game to freeze due to so many blocks being affected all at once, this value is cannot go over 8.
block - The desired block type.

Some extra info

To copy chunks, log in on the desired Minecraft server, and go to the area that you wish to copy. Make sure that the chunks you wish to copy are loaded. Then execute the copying command (ex. /chunkcopy copy Test).

To paste chunks, go to a singleplayer world that has cheats enabled (it is preferred that you create a new empty superflat world with the void preset), then go to the exact same coordinates of where the chunks you copied are located on the server, and execute the pasting command (ex. /chunkcopy paste Test).

Please note that due to the way Minecraft works, it is impossible to write a client-side mod that is able to obtain and copy data such as worldgen settings (ie. the seed, world type, and so on) and contents of containers (such as chests, hoppers, and so on). Those things are handled server-side, which is why the client is not able to obtain such information. When it comes to containers such as chests, the only way to see their contents is to manually open them one by one. You may also experience lag spikes while copying and pasting chunks.

Here is a short YouTube clip showing how the mod works (click the image):
Chunk Copy demonstration

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