Click through signs and item frames to chests

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Mod on hold warning

I haven't played Minecraft since 1.16, but I kept my mods updated because people wanted them. Unfortunately, Minecraft changed a lot of internals with 1.19.4, and updating isn't just a matter of changing a few things, it'll also mean figuring out a lot about how it works now. I currently don't have the time and energy to do this, so there won't be a 1.19.4 update in the forseeable future. Sorry for that to everybody who uses my mods.

Some mods (which don't use a gui) will still work, but everything that has a settings or configuration screen won't, so you might still see updates to some of my mods.

As long as you don't use the config screen, the 1.19.3 version of the mod should still work on 1.19.4.

This mod helps you access containers (chests, shulker boxes, barrels, but also hoppers, dispensers, ...) that are marked with a sign or item frame. Right-clicking a sign or item frame that's attached to a container will open the container instead.

Unlike other similar mods, it's purely client side, so it works on any kind of server - vanilla, modded, or spigot/paper.

You can still rotate items in item frames by sneaking and clicking them.

The same goes for signs that have some functionality attached by the server, for example, buy/sell signs on a server that has ChestShop or a similar plugin enabled.

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