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Client Ping

Client Ping is a client-side Minecraft mod that implements "pinging" (marking an object as a point of interest) on vanilla servers.


By default, Client Ping uses the z key to ping the block you are looking at (within 1000m). You can change this key bind in the Minecraft controls menu.

Pings will be visible for a short time to yourself and all players on the same server with this mod installed.

  • Pings disappear after 10 seconds (configurable through Mod Menu)
  • You may ping once per second

How it works

Client Ping works by sending pings through vanilla server chat. This way, even players without the mod installed can see the coordinate you have pinged. No more copying from the F3 menu!

Chat messages come in the following format:

<Player> Ping at {x.xx, y.yy, z.zz}

When a client receives and parses one of these ping messages, a temporary waypoint is injected into Xaero's Minimap. This allows the ping mark to be rendered on screen according to your existing waypoint rendering settings. It'll also be marked on your map if you have Xaero's World Map installed.

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