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Cluttered is a decorative mod that adds a various assortment of furniture, blocks, paintings, and more. Everything this mod adds is craftable, and can be obtained in survival! This mod is largely a personal project, inspired by decorations in other games, and things I wanted to see in minecraft myself.

This mod has furniture from:

  • Animal Crossing
  • The Sims 4
  • Starbound
  • Terraria
  • Overwatch

I’m always adding new things to this mod, so feel free to join the Discord server or leave a comment to request anything specific! This mod was made in MCreator, since I can’t program, so the functionality I can add is very limited. Many things do have storage though, and chairs and beds are sittable! I love working on this mod and hope to improve it as much as possible!

Most of the decor is made by me, but my friend YellowChuJelly made several paintings, the door sprites, and is basically my quality control for this mod :D


“Can you update this to a new version?”

Cluttered will be updated once MCreator supports newer versions, until then I unfortunately can’t.

“Do blocks have functionality?”

Yes! You can sit on chairs, and cupboards and cabinets all have storage! Bookshelves can be used to enchant, as well. Currently you cannot sit on chairs in the Fabric version.

"Why is the shading off on some blocks?"

This is fixed by turning off Smooth Lighting.

Here's a link to the discord! Feel free to join if you’d like :D

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