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Do you want to bring more color to your forest? Have you ever thought to yourself, why do these leaves not droop?? And are you ready to fully embrace rainbow leaves??? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!

Colorful Azaleas is a 1.19+ mod that adds seven unique colors of azaleas, in all the shapes and forms you could ever desire. Be it droopy, mixed or flowery leaves, we got you covered!

''But how could I possibly obtain all these beautiful leaves?'' I hear you ask! Colorful azaleas also adds seven new Azalea tree types, which can be grown from their respective Azalea bushes.

Now, to make the deal even weeter, we also added a new woodtype for each color of azalea! These wood types feature slabs, stairs, buttons and even their own unique doors and trapdoors!

This mod does not require any dependency except for the Fabric API. However, as more of our other mods are updated to 1.19, you can expect compatibility features between them (So consider checking out the other Terrarium Mods aswell!)

This mod was created by Terrarium Studios. Please consider checking out our other projects as they offer some really cool stuff!

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