Conditional Keep Inventory

Conditional Keep Inventory


A mod to twist the drop on Player death.

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Created3 years ago
Updated2 years ago

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The Conditional Keep Inventory Mod

Have you ever wanted to avoid loosing forever your stuff in some critical situations, but not to have the Keep Inventory set to true for all death?

Haven't we all hoped not to lose our stuff to a slip in the void yet without losing the thrill to go get it back without dying again when killed by some mob in a deep cave?

Well then despair no more! Because I right here have the perfect solution for you!

I hereby present you... the Conditional Keep Inventory mod!

What it does

This mod intends to allow you to choose as exactly as you want when should the Keep Inventory apply, and when shall it not.

Through a config file and a command, I have made this mod so that you can set both a whitelist and a blacklist of conditions, which would condition whether the Keep Inventory can, or not, apply.


Dos and Don'ts

You can:

  • Download the mod for your own use
  • Use the mod in a modpack (only if hosted on Modrinth or if I provided explicit authorisation)
  • Share the mod's existence to your friends and relatives
  • Read the source code in order to know how could I achieve something, re-use little pieces of it
  • Comment, describe your experience, whether it is good or bad. So that I can improve the mod
  • Enjoy the mod, of course!

But you can't:

  • re-upload the mod
  • give it as your own creation
  • use it publicly without letting people know where does it come from
  • make monetary profit out of this mod
  • copy-paste the full code in your own project
  • embed the mod into another of your own without mentioning me as the author

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