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Adds new blocks to make block types consistent!


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Consistency+ is a mod for 1.16.x/1.17.x+ making blocks consistent in what variants they have.

We plan to add in blocks that could be considered "missing," and many more.  For example, Quartz bricks do not have slabs or stairs, whereas other brick types do.  This is just one small example of the vast scope of this mod.  As of 0.4.2, we currently have about 2000 new blocks! 

See the Wiki for a list of included block/material types with more details.

When is it going to be finished and how much will be added?

Eventually. We have no ETA on when it will be done, but we may post release-related announcements in our discord.

We currently do not have a final expected block count due to constant roadmap changes regarding how far we want to take the concept (Spoiler alert, we like to go overkill), so the final block count will almost certainly fluctuate often.  It will likely be upwards of 5000.

Could you guys add [​Thing]?

If you have an idea on something we could add, you can put it as a suggestion on our github, or even code it in yourself!  If you are interested in joining the team, we are always looking for people willing to help us make the mod, whether that be adding the blocks, making the textures, or contributing in other ways such as helping with translations.  We may make a "megathread" for block suggestions at some point where people can freely suggest blocks for us to add.

What's next for Consistency+?

1.0, the next update in line, is going to be a massive update.  You'll have to stay tuned to see what we have in store.  If you want more details on what's coming up you can always join our discord for regular updates and to watch our tomfoolery live as it happens.

What happened to the rest of the questions/Where can I find more info?

We've set up a wiki!  You can get there by either clicking this link, or by clicking the button to take you there!  Our wiki also includes vital info such as crafting guides and more in-depth explanations of features.