Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts


Simple conveyor belts

Client and server Technology

Created2 years ago
Updated2 months ago

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Bug fix with comparators on filter robotic arms

Fix bug where could not open robotic arm screens in multiplayer

Added robotic arms! These can move items between belts and inventories. There are also filter robotic arms which can take only the filtered item.
Allow filter conveyor belts output on the back for one of the sides, using a config menu in the block.
Improved placement mechanics. Press R (by default) to toggle placement direction, crouch and tap R to cycle through the belt types (flat, up and down)
Filter conveyor belts and filtered robotic arms no longer consume the filters
Filter conveyor belts and filtered robotic arms can now accept FTB's Item Filters
  • Replaced models for up and down slopes from blocky to smooth. Block versions will be available through a resource pack.

  • Fixed bug where top half of sloped belt would move player when bottom half not enabled.

  • Fixed a visual bug where fully saturated downward sloping belts would not display the item's movement progress correctly as would sometimes use the fully completed progress of the item before.

  • Removed unused mixin reference from fabric.mod.json

  • Items displayed on sloped belts match gradient

  • When placing downward sloping belts towards self, they will be placed from the top half

  • Fixed bug where placing sloped belts could remove blocks above them

  • BlockItem into own class for future changes (rendering direction belt will be placed while holding)


  • Prevent crash when only half of a sloped conveyor is in the world, this would only happen when using /setblock or creating a debug world.

  • Changed recipes for sloping belts due to how it was conflicting with Minecraft's 'flipped' recipes. Also allowed sloped belts to be crafted back into regular belts.

  • Decreased number of gold belts from 16 to 8 when crafting.

  • Made entity movement speed on belts closer to the movement speed of the items
  • Fixed bug with gold belts where items would get stuck entering from the side of them
  • Added animated textures on the sides for the 'on' state of belts
  • Disabled belt's block entity client tick on singleplayer as was causing the items to move an extra amount and then get warped back, causing a jitter effect
  • Made items align on the centre faster on the faster belts
  • Belts will not move living entities on them when disabled by redstone
  • Reduced the amount of data being sent to the client by making the item movement along the belt client side.
  • Powered belts will no longer allow items in
  • Belts can now move living entities on them

Fixed bug when item going into top half of sloping down belt on place - Prevents any items going into the top inventory before it is overwritten by the bottom one

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