Cooldown Coordinator

Cooldown Coordinator

Fabric library to help mods coordinate item movement cooldowns

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Cooldown Coordinator

Fabric library to help mods coordinate item movement cooldowns

What it Does

Cooldown Coordinator is a library mod intended to enable heterogeneous networks of vanilla hoppers and item transferring modded block entities to move items throughout the network in a vanilla-alike and consistent manner. For example, one goal is to allow sorters consisting of a mixture of vanilla and modded hoppers, ducts, etc. to behave predictably.

How Does it Do it?

The mod provides an interface to implement and a method to call when a cooldown should be triggered. The method may safely be called with any BlockEntity as its argument. When the target BE implements the interface, it will be notified of the cooldown and can take whatever action it deems appropriate. When this mod is installed, descendants of HopperBlockEntity which do not override HBE's insert() and innermost transfer() methods automatically implement the interface and will coordinate with other implementing BEs.

How to Use this Library

There are some important details (f.e. how to know when a cooldown should be triggered) which implementors need to get right in order for coordination to work properly. See the library's javadocs, or take a look at the wiki.

Future Goals

I would like this mod or something similar to be part of the Fabric API. At present, it is somewhere between an RFC and a WIP. If it performs as intended and there is interest from the Fabric community, I intend to maintain the mod until (and beyond) it becomes part of Fabric or something better comes along.