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Copper Golem Mod

Adds the copper golem from the 2021 Minecon Mob Vote


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Created 8 months ago
Updated 18 days ago

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This is a simple mod that adds two things:

  1. Copper buttons

    As described in the 2021 Minecon Mob Vote, copper buttons are made of copper and will gradually oxidize. An oxidized copper button has a longer pulse, and can be scraped with an axe to remove their oxidization, just like any other copper block!

  2. Copper Golems

    What's the good of a copper button if you don't have a copper golem as well? Copper golems are friendly little creatures that the player can build for themselves! Just place down any regular copper block with a lightning rod on top and copper button in front, then give that button a smack and WHAM! You got yourself a little ~minion~ buddy to accompany you on your adventure.

    Copper Golems will wander randomly, pressing any copper buttons they find until they eventually oxidize into statues (oh my!). You can also give them an item and they will diligently go around finding something to use that item on, like the good little minion helper they are!

    Watch our for cats, though, because if a copper golem finds a cat, well... They're easily distracted by cats. Who would blame them, though? Everyone loves cats.