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NEW: Correlated has been reimagined for Fabric/Quilt 1.19.2 as Excorrelation.


Correlated is a digital storage mod, originally created due to a lack of Applied Energistics on 1.8. It and Refined Storage were released on the same day. Correlated was maintained up through 1.12, and became gradually more ambitious; those ambitions became its downfall, never seeing a stable release during the 1.12 cycle. It's generally well regarded for good user experience and a consistent aesthetic.


To get started in 2.x, everything can be crafted outright, as the dungeon dimension was never finished. You will need a Controller, Drive Bay, and Memory Bay. Check JEI for more info.


To get started in 0.x and 1.x, you must find an Enderic Processor in a dungeon and use that to craft the Controller. You will need a Drive Bay in addition to the Controller. Check JEI for more info.


All Correlated network blocks (Controller, Drive Bay, etc) that have direct contact with a Controller, recursively, are considered part of the network.


In all versions, once you have a system (A Terminal is also generally considered useful.) you can send power from many different supported APIs (including MJ, RF, FE, EU, Tesla, and Neon) into the Controller to power the network. Power usage in 0.x/1.x is proportional to the number of parts, and in 2.x it's steady and spikes temporarily when the system is used. Drives store items, Memory stores kinds of items. You need both in a reasonable balance to have a functioning storage system.


Newer versions have a wireless system with three possible methods; Optical, Beacon, and Microwave.

  • Optical is very basic short-range wireless, that exposes its connected system as an APN, usable by a Wireless Terminal or another Controller
  • Beacon Lenses can be placed above lit beacons to reflect an APN that's within its range (as such, it must be combined with an Optical Transceiver or be in range of another beacon lens)
  • Microwave Beams are paired to eachother by right-clicking the item on a placed block, and cause two systems to be connected together over any distance, so long as there is line of sight

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