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Create: Framed Title

I feel that it's important to note that some variations of "Tinted Glass" will not act like regular Tinted Glass due to lighting engine issues. This includes Glass Panes, Doors, Trapdoors, and any other non-full block implemented now or in the future.

Coloured/Tinted Framed Glass

You can now obtain coloured variations of Framed Glass! They can be crafted by using the respective coloured glass type in a stonecutter, similar to regular Framed Glass. Door and Trapdoor variants can also be made the same way that non-coloured Framed Door/Trapdoors are made!

Coloured/Tinted Tiled Glass

You can also make coloured variants of Tiled Glass! They also follow the same recipe patterns as the Create mod's regular Framed Glass.

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