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Available for Fabric & Forge! (Official support for quilt will not be provided for the time being, though this version of Create: Garnished should be able to be run on quilt as well)

Suggestions are welcome, head over to the GitHub repository (separate repositories, though either one works fine, clarify which mod loader you're using) to suggest a feature/report a bug/issue!

This mod adds multiple food items, mainly nuts!


Can I use this in my Modpack/Modified Modpack?

Yes you can! It would be appreciated if the mod were credited on the page itself, but is not required!

Will you support 1.X version of Minecraft?

Currently, 1.18+ is supported. When later versions of Minecraft are released, efforts will be made to port the mod as swiftly as possible. Of course, this is limited by dependencies like Create or Create: Fabric.

What about supporting this mod on X modloader?

There is no builtin support for Quilt and same goes for the Neoforge loader. This will most likely be how it is, as I simply do not have the time to have 12 different versions to keep up with.

Create: Garnished Wiki

The wiki contains a brief introduction and some minor details regarding content in the mod. However, some more details and information will be added eventually!


Seaseii - Translator [zh_cn, lzh]

Negodya1 - Translator [ru_ru]

Dejojotheawsome - Overview [v0.5, v0.8]

Create Team - Original Mod Devs/Artists

Create Fabric Team - Original Port Devs/Artists

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