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Why no non-andesite drill heads?


Here it is!

This mod have only one simple feature:

  • Provided more drill with new 6 kind of drill heads: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, netherite, rose quartz might be provided later

But to be more precisely:

  • Wood is 2 time slower than the original one
  • Stone is 1 time slower than the original one
  • Iron is as fast as the original one
  • Gold is 2 time faster than the original one
  • Diamond is a third faster than the original one
  • Netherite is half more faster than the original one

Enchanted drill recipe(you right-click those onto the tiered drill, normal create drill don't worn):

  • Redstone is fortune I
  • Quartz (dusts) is fortune II
  • Emerald (dusts) is fortune III
  • Amethysts (dusts) is silk touch

But please note that even though gold is the fastest and do not have durability, there are blocks that it can't mine, as it will just skip it, you mining machine might break if you don't use it carefully

Create more drill heads discord server:

(I did realized it's called Drill Bits)

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