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  • 1.20: Fixed crash on launch when Optifine is installed
  • Fixed pipe-based cobblestone generation not working correctly
  • Fixed vertical threshold switches and smart observers outputting redstone signal from incorrect sides
  • Added #create:blaze_burner_capturable entity type tag
  • Misc. blocks tagged as #create:wrenchable can no longer be picked up with a wrench unless the player is sneaking
  • Fixed Analog Levers not rendering their redstone indicator
  • Fixed Schematics failing to load when containing items with sensitive nbt
  • Fixed Turntable handler causing a crash during world shutdown
  • Fixed items in some locations no longer getting processed by fans since previous patch
  • Fixed smart observer using wrong bottom texture
  • Fixed stretched textures on stress- and speedometers' block models
  • Toolbox hotbar slot sprites now use the revised brass palette from 0.5.1
  • Added /create debuginfo command (TropheusJ)
  • New localisation updates from Crowdin
  • Implemented various performance measures
    • Contents of a filter are no longer read from item nbt each time a stack is tested
    • MovementContext for contraption actors now caches the filter from their corresponding BlockEntity
    • Trains check their distance before running full collision tests
    • Trains can no longer collide when on separate track networks
    • Optimised train navigation and pathfinding (Timo van Veen)
  • Addons can now more easily register custom fan processing types
  • Added tags to allow controlling which blocks and fluids act as catalysts for certain fan processing types
  • Fixed unlit campfires providing boiler heat
  • Fixed crash when applying trapdoors to copycat panels
  • Added tag to prevent specific vanilla recipe types from integrating with create
  • Rollers no longer break blocks adjacent to blocks tagged #minecraft:portals
  • Added safety checks for active rollers passing through a portal
  • Fixed rollers in fill mode consuming blocks from a train without placing any
  • Changed lava diving advancement from hidden to challenge, as it is an actual intended player ability since 0.5.1
  • Changed title of speed controller advancement
  • Funnels, Chutes and other Create components should now perform a little better when used with large vaults
  • Added support of other packet size optimisation mods: connectivity and Packet Fixer (KostromDan)
  • Spectators can no longer interact with Super Glue and Valve Handles (attackeight)
  • Fixed Elevator Contraptions sometimes powering multiple contacts upon arrival (laxadeR)
  • Fixed Deployers not able to interact with blocks using block-like items (NovaStarter)
  • Integrate new modded wood types with create: Environmental, Atmospheric, Infernal Expansion, Good Ending, Biome Makeover (Tempystral)
  • Addons can now specify custom behaviour when pipe fluids collide (Notenoughmail)
  • Localisation updates from CrowdIn
  • 1.19, 1.20: Trains can now travel to the Aether
  • 1.20: Fixed some blocks incorrectly treated as non solid
  • 1.20: Fixed crash when other mods query creative tabs server side
  • 1.20: Integrate new vanilla wood types with create (attackeight)
  • 1.20 (Flywheel): Fixed compatibility with Starlight
  • 1.20 (Flywheel): Fixed compatibility with Embeddium

Create 0.5.1d

  • Fixed crash when colliding with mechanical belts on recent forge versions

Create 0.5.1c


  • Now using Flywheel 0.6.9
  • New translations from Crowdin
  • Added the entity type tag #create:ignore_seat
  • Added a config option to prevent hostile mobs from getting picked up by seats
  • Potato cannons can no longer plant crops on the side of farmland
  • Fixed Mechanical rollers consuming filter items despite not supporting them
  • Fixed brass tunnels not refunding previous filter items when changed
  • Fixed catalyst ingredients getting consumed in the basin
  • Fixed Smart observers not activated by funnels when facing up or down
  • Fixed custom sequenced assembly recipes conflicting when starting with a filling step
  • Fixed item slots of powered and unpowered redstone link models not matching in size
  • Fixed custom fluids not rendering fog underwater
  • Fixed improved diving helmet vision applied without it being equipped
  • Fixed incompatibility with Supplementaries
  • Fixed wood cutting recipe compatibility for Hexcasting (AndreAugustoAAQ)
  • Updates to the Bogey API (rabbitminers)
  • Separated config options for placing fluid blocks with Create (attackeight)
  • Optimisations to some of Create's vector math shortcuts (Timo van Veen)
  • Addons can now register backtank-esque air sources placed in any armor and curios slots (Michael C)
  • Addressed a number of memory leaks and server crashes

Create 0.5.1b


  • Fixed Elevator Contraption misalignment with their contacts after switching target floor mid-travel
  • Fixed crash when placing a clipboard into replaceable blocks mid-air
  • Fixed funnel flaps being offset to the side when flywheel is disabled
  • Fixed dyed valve handle using incorrect block particle textures
  • Fixed copycat blocks able to take on invalid materials through the use of data commands
  • Copycat blocks no longer retain nbt contents of their contained material's item when loaded from a schematic
  • Fixed pipe connector attachments missing textures on some orientations
  • Players can now sneak-pick to receive the copycat block itself, rather than its applied material
  • Fixed value input screen not closing correctly when 'use' keybind is not on its default setting
  • Deployers no longer fail to activate bearings and other components with value input slots
  • Fixed an incompatibility between legacy copper pack and xycraft override
  • Fixed netherite diving suit not protecting from fire damage when Quark is installed
  • Attempt to fix lighting issues with elevator contacts
  • Schematic and Quill no longer displays the full directory path in its confirmation message
  • Fixed z-fighting on metal bars models
  • Waterlogged belts and depots now wash contained items when targeted by a fan
  • Fixed jump strength of lava diving suit in shallow lava
  • Fixed crash when cycling bogey types on a server
  • Fixed custom metal bars not able to be mined with a pickaxe
  • Contraption mounted storage no longer interacts with modded ender chests (it didn't work correctly)
  • Gui inputs no longer play more than one click when scrolled on very quickly
  • Fixed Schematics loading with a snowy grass block when their lowest layer contained snow blocks
  • Fixed Mechanical Rollers placing blocks into the train tracks when paving steep slopes
  • Netherite backtank now depletes air in lava even when the players head is not fully submerged
  • Fixed "Any" amount in filters' value settings screen not using a translatable lang entry
  • Smart Chutes no longer prevent chests from opening under them
  • Fixed some typos in ponder scenes
  • Localisation Updates from Crowdin

Create 0.5.1


  • Netherite Backtank
  • Netherite Diving Helmet and Boots
  • Contraption Controls
  • Elevator Pulley
  • Copycat Panels and Copycat Steps
  • Block of Andesite Alloy
  • Block of Industrial Iron
  • Block of Experience
  • Large Water Wheel
  • Mechanical Roller
  • Andesite, Brass and Copper Doors
  • Andesite, Brass and Copper Bars
  • Andesite, Brass and Copper Scaffolding
  • Clipboard
  • Mangrove Windows (1.19)


  • Flywheel is now included in the Create jar (1.18)
  • Overhauled models and textures of Andesite & Brass components (Kryppers)
  • Reworked textures of coloured blocks such as seats and sails (dani)
  • New filter sprites (vectorwing)
  • Valve handles can now be used to precisely turn mechanical bearings by a set angle
  • Pulley ropes are now climbable
  • Lowered hitbox of seats for improved traversability inside contraptions
  • Improved safety for players standing on vertically moving contraptions
  • Pulley contraptions will now make an effort to place remote players at y values sensible to the client
  • Fixed seated entities on rotating contraptions not rendering at the correct location
  • Deployers no longer fail to activate in chunks claimed or protected by the player that placed them
  • Fixed couplings, schematics and in-world overlays not rendering correctly at coordinates far from the origin
  • Fixed Bearings, Pistons, Pulleys and Gantries powered by a Sequenced Gearshift not moving precisely to its instructions at high speeds
  • Minecart contraptions no longer visually jump to a location when stalled
  • Mechanical bearings now snap to a rounded angle when stopped
  • Contraption storage now accepts more chests and barrels from other mods
  • Players can now open chests and barrels on assembled contraptions
  • Mechanical Pumps no longer reverse direction based on kinetic input
  • Fixed pipe connections pulling fluids with half the speed compared to a directly attached pump
  • Substantially increased speed of visual flow propagation inside pipe networks
  • Portable storage interfaces now stall for longer after an exchange has happened, and shorter otherwise
  • Single train track blocks with slopes connected on either side will angle themselves to create a smoother ascend across both
  • Multiple pulleys can now attach to contraptions in a synchronised group
  • Display Boards now update text instantaneously at high input rpm
  • Diving helmets now always grant aqua affinity
  • Diving helmets can no longer be enchanted with aqua affinity
  • Water wheel fins are no longer directional
  • Water wheels now only have one speed level
  • Water wheels can now take the appearance of any reasonably implemented wood type
  • Added sided door control options to elevator contact and train station UI
  • Liquid can no longer spread perpendicularly on top of water wheels
  • Overhauled UX of scroll values and item filtering
  • Filtered item extraction can now be configured to pull "up to x items" per operation
  • Connected textures now use and apply the getAppearance() standard by Forge, allowing them to connect across other mods' facades, etc. (1.19)
  • Boiler status now highlights information about water flow when insufficient
  • The majority of in-world options no longer require a wrench
  • Fixed fluid container items getting returned twice in basin processing (1.19)
  • Chutes can now be encased in Industrial Iron Blocks
  • Chutes are now less prone to resetting shape when moved or rotated
  • Moved metal block variants to Building Blocks tab
  • Changed stonecutting ingredient of metal block variants from sheet to ingot
  • Base stone blocks can now be stonecut back from their cut variants
  • Fixed track placement allowing an s-bend between two sloped track pieces in specific arrangements
  • Fixed funnels losing filters when changing between types
  • New randomised textures for natural palette stone types (Kryppers)
  • Readjusted palette stone generation to use taller layers
  • World generation now places fewer stone type veins by default
  • Fixed lava fans voiding items that have smoking & smelting recipes with different outputs
  • Filter items now filter for their own item type if left empty
  • Valve handles no longer create stress config entries for each dyed variant
  • Place near initial angle mode on bearings now has a smaller interval considered 'near'
  • Players can now take items from saws via right-click
  • Item Drains now accept dropped items as input
  • Train track placement overlay now explicitly mentions the ctrl key
  • Fixed Mechanical Saws not rendering as animated when using rubidium
  • Fixed a ui element of the Station Screen rendering behind the background
  • Belts printed instantly or via cannon now retain the correct type of casing
  • Scheduled trains no longer slow down for slight ascends/descents on a straight track
  • Fixed saplings and other non-collidables sticking to chassis or super glue
  • Encased Fluid Pipes no longer z-fight on open pipe faces
  • Valve handles now turn twice as quickly
  • Bearings no longer have the angle-indicating nook on their block
  • Depot hitbox is now a simple cuboid
  • Fixed belts encased with andesite briefly showing brass textures
  • Fixed Filters and Attribute Filters not stacking with unmodified, equivalent stacks
  • Fixed Attribute Filters saving the name tag preview item in their data
  • Filters and Schedules can now be reset via crafting
  • Renamed Sails to Windmill Sails
  • Crushing gold ore now yields more experience nuggets
  • Fixed valve pipes sometimes not rotating their indicator fully
  • Horizontal, encased belts now render a support structure when solid blocks are above them
  • Added placement assist for mechanical drills, saws and deployers
  • Mechanical Belts can now be waterlogged
  • Depots and Ejectors can now be Waterlogged
  • Chutes and Funnels can now be Waterlogged
  • Fixed upright mechanical saws only able to be oriented in two directions
  • Deployers now have their filter slot on the side of the block
  • Deployers can now be rotated by wrenching them near the edge of the front face
  • Deployers now set filters on blocks only by targeting any location on a correct side
  • Fixed Schematics loaded for deployer printing not rotating block entity contents
  • Added tripwire to #movable_empty_collider
  • Renamed Stockpile Switch to Threshold Switch
  • Renamed Content Observer to Smart Observer
  • Smart observer and threshold switch can now be oriented to face blocks above or below them
  • Smart observer will now also emit redstone when the block in front of it matches its filter
  • Fixed non-vanilla signs not accepted as valid display targets
  • Brass tunnels with no distribution behaviour no longer show the mode switcher
  • Used more contrasting colours for diode and tunnel value inputs
  • Fixed crash when hose pulley cannot find reference fluid for infinite draining
  • Clipboards can now be used to transfer settings between blocks
  • Clipboards can now be used to manually write to Display Boards and Nixie Tubes
  • Clipboards can now be used as Material Checklists in the Schematicannon
  • Fixed and edited existing tooltips and ponder scenes to include behavioural changes in 0.5.1
  • New ponder scenes for Smart Observer, Threshold Switch, Elevator Pulley, Contraption Controls and Mechanical Rollers
  • Fixed ponder overlay text rendering with wonky pixels
  • Added a ponder category for recently added/changed blocks
  • Renamed Filter to List Filter
  • Deployers can now apply filters to a Redstone link with less required precision
  • Bezier track segments now render with a slight angle to reduce z-fighting
  • Fixed offset shaft rotation on encased large cogwheels
  • Fixed Smart Fluid Pipe not dropping filter when broken
  • Placards and Creative Crates will no longer hold on to special nbt content (except potion data, damage, enchants) of the contained item when imported via Schematicannon
  • Schematicannons can no longer print mobs
  • Fixed item frames not requiring an exact nbt match for printed contents
  • Players can now sneak while using exp nuggets to only consume one item at a time
  • Major internal restructuring of java packages
  • Minecart contraption items can no longer be placed in container items like toolboxes or shulkers (configurable)
  • Implemented ComputerCraft interaction for Speed Controllers, Display Links, Speedometers, Stressometers, Sequenced Gearshifts and Train Stations (caelwarner)
  • Hand crank no longer drains hunger when using the extendo grip (Xstoudi)
  • Fixed Encased Chain Drives not reacting to block rotation and mirroring correctly
  • Open Ended Pipes now correctly handle Builder's Tea (NerdsOfAFeather)
  • Added Config entry for brass tunnel distribution cooldown (Walle123)
  • API for custom bogey & track types (Rabbitminers, techno-sam)
  • Fixed server crash caused by Gantry Contraptions assembling (Lucasmellof)
  • Fix "Lighter than air" fluids displayed incorrectly in spouts (cakeGit)
  • Added rotate and mirror methods to Fluid Pipes (xieve)
  • Chocolate & Honey fluid fog distance is now configurable (radimous)
  • Added a TrackGraph merge event (DaComputerNerd717)
  • Fixed players dismounting when trains get assembled (Equinoxxe)
  • Added GameTests (TropheusJ)
  • Added armor tags (NerdsOfAFeather)
  • Major updates now release as patch A

Create 0.5i

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Fixed crash when loading trains with most recent forge versions
  • Fixed players getting kicked when merging very large track networks
  • Fixed blending issues with nixie tube and display link models (1.19)
  • Crashes that occur during schematic loading no longer terminate the server
  • Fixed crash when creating new belts at existing chutes/funnels
  • Fixed ghost items appearing on non-powered belts when extracted from
  • Fixed AE2 ore crushing compat recipes not using up-to-date modid/blocks (1.18)
  • Added Enchantment Descriptions for "Capacity" and "Potato Recovery"

Create 0.5h

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Using Flywheel 0.6.8.a (resolves broken chest models, as well as AMD incompatibilities)
  • Fixed Girder Encased Shafts getting ignored by the Schematicannon
  • Fixed crash when curios inventory is configured to have no slots
  • Fixed vaults not marking chunks dirty when its inventory changes
  • Fixed players kicked for flying when standing on contraptions with a mount
  • Fixed Steam Whistle not updating its pitch value correctly
  • Maximum placement length of tracks and turns are now configurable
  • Track graph no longer shows nodes and edges on f3 unless configured to
  • Kinetic blocks no longer show debug information on f3 unless configured to (on new game instances)
  • Superheated burn time of blaze cakes changed from 1000 to 3200 ticks
  • Blaze Burners now accept fuel from deployers and arms a number of seconds before running out
  • Adjust how and when blaze burners accept fuel
  • Fixed crash with Optifine when rendering a map
  • Improved value accuracy of various netcode when further from the worlds origin (ewoudje)
  • Fixed signals not updating track graph when destroyed
  • Added #deployable_drink tag for consumables that are not considered food
  • Deployers can no longer consume potions or milk, and will instead feed players in their target area
  • Fixed buttons in ponder not registering clicks near the edges
  • Fixed config UI tooltips including the empty "." comments used for toml 'formatting'
  • Fixed 'Damaged Item' Attribute for filtering not working correctly (Flemmli97)
  • Improved handling of contraption data for syncing and minecart pickup (TropheusJ)
  • Fixed and unified contraption data size estimates (TropheusJ)
  • Added config for max contraption size for syncing (TropheusJ)
  • Minecart pickup max is increased if XL Packets is loaded (TropheusJ)
  • Fixed Belts not offering a valid item handler until their first tick


  • Now using Crowdin for community translations
  • Added th_th (Thai) localisation
  • Added cs_cz (Czech) localisation
  • Added hu_hu (Hungarian) localisation
  • Added no_no (Norwegian) localisation

Create 0.5g

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Cobwebs and Powdered Snow can now be attached to contraptions
  • Fixed Storage Drawers not providing correct fill levels to Stockpile Switches
  • Leaves are now considered transparent by encased fans
  • Blocks can now be tagged #create:movable_empty_collider to support contraption movement even if their collision shape is empty
  • Added survivalContraptionPickup config option (Jobieskii)
  • Deploying and Item Application recipes now display up to 3 additional rollable output stacks in JEI (Christofmeg)
  • Fixed crash when loading contraptions with missing blocks which had provided movement behaviours
  • Fixed unloading Redstone Links querying their own chunk for tile entities
  • Hose Pulleys now retain infinite status if surrounding lake is not fully loaded
  • Fixed Hose Pulley not loading in visually extended on the client side
  • Improved position of rendered blocks launched by Schematicannon
  • Fixed Schematicannon play button having to be pressed twice to start printing
  • Schematicannon no longer moves while searching for the next location to shoot at
  • Schematicannon now skips through empty sections more quickly
  • Fixed Creative players losing items used on block application recipes
  • Fixed blocks used in item application recipes briefly being placed on the client
  • Blaze burners now create fewer light updates
  • Goggle overlay fade-in no longer repeats when looking at adjacent blocks with information
  • Reduced particle amount produced by active steam engine setups
  • Added 3rd person crossbow holding animation to potato cannon and zapper (jacquerol)
  • Added Scroll Tick sound in GUIs (starlottemusic)
  • Sails now use vanilla dye/shear sounds (starlottemusic)
  • Fixed StationUnloadedCondition not working in other dimensions (falxie)
  • Fixed blaze burners briefly de-powering before accepting new buckets of lava (NotSoEpic)
  • Fixed spectators interacting with hand cranks (Xstoudi)
  • Query complete player list for Scoreboard displays (Xstoudi)
  • Fixed pipes with 5 or 6 connections not rendering (1.19)
  • Fixed honey and chocolate lava interactions (1.19)
  • Steam engines now support flywheel's instancing
  • Ponder's Identify mode now supports blocks with ray-specific pick block results
  • Tile Entities in ponder are now backed up as their nbt compound instead of a cloned instance
  • Fixed an item duplication issue


  • Added es_mx.json by IDPatl
  • Added da_dk.json by ChristianLW
  • Updates to fr_fr.json by Loupau38
  • Updates to ja_jp.json by CKenJa
  • Updates to ko_kr.json by qkrehf2 & zlfn
  • Updates to it_it.json by 435THz
  • Updates to de_de.json by Andre601
  • Updates to ru_ru.json by luffypirat
  • Updates to nl_nl.json by BerryHeyy
  • Updates to zh_tw.json by StarskyXIII

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