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Create 1.18.2 0.5.1.b


Create 0.5.1b


  • Fixed Elevator Contraption misalignment with their contacts after switching target floor mid-travel
  • Fixed crash when placing a clipboard into replaceable blocks mid-air
  • Fixed funnel flaps being offset to the side when flywheel is disabled
  • Fixed dyed valve handle using incorrect block particle textures
  • Fixed copycat blocks able to take on invalid materials through the use of data commands
  • Copycat blocks no longer retain nbt contents of their contained material's item when loaded from a schematic
  • Fixed pipe connector attachments missing textures on some orientations
  • Players can now sneak-pick to receive the copycat block itself, rather than its applied material
  • Fixed value input screen not closing correctly when 'use' keybind is not on its default setting
  • Deployers no longer fail to activate bearings and other components with value input slots
  • Fixed an incompatibility between legacy copper pack and xycraft override
  • Fixed netherite diving suit not protecting from fire damage when Quark is installed
  • Attempt to fix lighting issues with elevator contacts
  • Schematic and Quill no longer displays the full directory path in its confirmation message
  • Fixed z-fighting on metal bars models
  • Waterlogged belts and depots now wash contained items when targeted by a fan
  • Fixed jump strength of lava diving suit in shallow lava
  • Fixed crash when cycling bogey types on a server
  • Fixed custom metal bars not able to be mined with a pickaxe
  • Contraption mounted storage no longer interacts with modded ender chests (it didn't work correctly)
  • Gui inputs no longer play more than one click when scrolled on very quickly
  • Fixed Schematics loading with a snowy grass block when their lowest layer contained snow blocks
  • Fixed Mechanical Rollers placing blocks into the train tracks when paving steep slopes
  • Netherite backtank now depletes air in lava even when the players head is not fully submerged
  • Fixed "Any" amount in filters' value settings screen not using a translatable lang entry
  • Smart Chutes no longer prevent chests from opening under them
  • Fixed some typos in ponder scenes
  • Localisation Updates from Crowdin


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