A vaniila-ish expansion for Minecraft. Includes crops, foods, and armor set bonuses!

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Description is WIP, please bear with me as I work to get everything up to snuff.


CYF is a mod that I'm treating like my personal additions to Minecraft. Nothing is going to be too OP, and it's all going to stay relatively vanilla-esque.

Within CYF, you'll find foods, armors, tools, armor sets, crops (soon!), and more.

Recipes are not currently in the recipe book, check source code or use Roughly Enough Items to view recipes. This will be fixed within the next few updates.

Armor Sets (WIP)

Armor sets are meant to be utility-based sets. None of them are meant to specifically replace endgame netherite, but perhaps I wanted to sever the reliance on endgame netherite as the end-all be-all.

You'll find sets that provide flat out fire resistance, sets that give saturation, allow underwater work and living, potion effect removal, etc. All niche and useful in their own right, but none that you can rely on for 100% of the tasks you set out to complete.

[List all current armor sets here]

Foods and Crops (WIP)

This feature is currently in progress. At the moment, the only food that CYF added is Apple Pie.