Deep Mob Learning: Backported

Deep Mob Learning: Backported

A 1.18.2 backport of Deep Mob Learning: Refabricated

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Deep Mob Learning: Backported is a 1.18.2 backport of the Deep Mob Learning: Refabricated mod for modern versions of Minecraft.


The mod is focused in providing an alternative way of acquiring mob loot in Minecraft, putting the player in intense duels with the Matrix Glitches in order to extract some matter out of it.


This mod is still in development, any bug reports, contributions, etc are welcome.


How to Play

Unfortunately we don't have any ingame tutorial yet, but you can check out the original mod's wiki on GitHub, it will teach you everything you need to know about the mod.


I need your help

This is a mod where I take 1.19+ features and slap them into 1.18.2. As such, things may break. If things do break, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix them.


It also Features

Roughly Enough Items (REI) Integration

This mod provides integration with REI. If you have it installed you will be able to see all the custom recipes in-game.


Highly Customizable

This mod features a highly-customizable environment. If you are a server owner or a modpack creator, most of the mod's behavior can be changed via datapacks and config files. Check this out.


If you have ModMenu installed, you can easily access some settings from the ingame esc menu.


Easter Eggs (?)

Not sure about this one, you may have to find it out by yourself.


Open Source

As most of the Minecraft mods, Deep Mob Learning: Backported is completely open source and accepting every kinds of contributions. Check this out.


Special Thanks

I'd like to thank the author of the original Fabric mod, NathanPB and the rest of the CafeteriaGuild for letting me backport this mod. Check out their Discord guild, there are a lot of cool mods and modpacks.


This is a beta, there is much more coming

You can check out our issues and milestones to see whats planned. Feel free to leave a feedback there.


I will be banning FABRIC vs FORGE comments if it doesn't aggregate to the mod