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Requires Baubles.


This mod adds a variety of defiled biomes that spawn in the world, with their own set of unique dangerous creatures, plants and treasures.

These biomes will actively converts blocks placed inside them, and will also contain unique resources. Those can be used to make unique and powerful tool, as well as reaching a boss fight for more unique tools.

Detailled information can be found on the wiki.


  • Q: Do defiled lands spread ?
  • A: Yes, but never more than a few blocks from their natural boundaries, unless you changed the config.
  • Q: How do I stop defiled lands from spreading ?
  • A: Defiled lands will not spread more than about 3 blocks from their natural boundaries, unless you changed the config. In fact, any defiled block placed outside of natural defiled lands will not spread around.
  • Q: Can I use defiled blocks for decoration ?
  • A: Yes, as long as you are outside a natural defiled biome. If you are inside one they will spread around and you may not want that.
  • Q: Is this compatible with <other biome mod> ?
  • A: Yes, this is compatible with most other biome adding mods, including BOP.

Special thanks to Rhodox for letting me use modified assets from the Painterly Pack

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