Doors that are barely tall enough to fit your player ... ? Doors that suffocate you when you ride ol' Blackjack the horse through? Enderman discrimination? Seriously?



.................. PAH!!

Can we not have intrigue? Whatever happened to the tender grace and elegance of a nice tall door? Where is the drama?!?

Here. I have it. And now you can too.

Gone are the ways of the past - with the new Dramatic Doors mod!

With the modern era of innovations comes a new door type: the tall door. These 3-block-high doors come in every vanilla variety - Iron, Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, Dark Oak, and Jungle! In 1.16+, Crimson and Warped. In 1.19+, Mangrove. In 1.20+, Bamboo and Cherry!

Craft one by putting 3 of the regular-sized doors vertically in a crafting table, returning 2 of tall doors.

This mod supports over 70 Forge mods and over 30 Fabric mods so the mod is a perfect addition for modpacks!

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