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  • Hide your armour.
  • Choose a thinner armour model.
  • Set default settings for all players.
  • Choose specific options for individual players.
  • Install on server to see other player's options.

Using The Mod

Selecting A Player

You can access the mod's menu through the Social interactions screen, through a new icon next to each user who is on the server at the time.
You can also change the default settings next to your own entry.

Changing Player Settings

In the menu you can choose each individual armour item to either force it to be hidden or shown, or just go along with the default.
Elytras are decided separately from chestplates.
You can also choose a smaller armour model, giving the armour a slimmer fit.

Changing Default Settings

If you choose the default option next to your player you can edit the default settings.
These will apply to all players, overriding their personal settings, only overridden by your personal settings for any specific player.

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