Embedded Assets

Embedded Assets


Automatically loads ResourcePacks embedded within Datapacks on load. For servers, it'll merge the packs and send it to the client

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A fabric mod that automatically loads Resource Packs embedded within Datapacks on load. For servers, it'll merge the packs and send it to the client.

Can you be more specific?


When you enter a single-player world with supported datapacks enabled, the resource packs contained within them are automatically added to you resource pack list. You can enable/disable and reorder the packs in the resource pack screen.


Since the server can only send the client a single resource pack, this mod merges all the resource packs that are within the datapacks into a single pack. It can also optionally merge it with another resource pack ("base pack") so you don't lose your existing server resource pack.

Use the /embedded_assets command to configure pack priority, enable/disable certain resource packs without disabling the datapack, and to configure the pack hosting server.

Pack Hosting Server

If enabled, this mod will also host the resource pack for you, so you don't have to manually upload the file somewhere everytime you add a new datapack. Run /embedded_assets pack_hosting for the status of the server and the commands to control and configure it.

What datapacks are supported?


Packs that have both a data folder and an assets folder. These packs contain both sides so that the same zip can be placed in the datapacks folder and the resource packs folder. With this mod ofc, you only need to put it in the datapack folder.

Resource Pack Zips at Datapack root

Any resource pack zip located at the root of the datapack will be loaded

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