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*** ShetiPhianCore Required! ***


Store liquids in another dimension.

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Tanks are linked only if both color and ownership match.

Change each bands color by shift-right-click with a dye.

Change ownership by shift-right-click with a diamond or a emerald on a global tank.

Remove ownership by picking up while holding shift.


Global (golden)

Anyone can use this network.


Private (diamond)

Personal colors. No need to worry about who's using what colors.


Teams (emerald)

Allows people in the same team to share. Tank colors are unique to your team.

See spc-teams page for help setting one up.


Apply by shift-right-click with upgrade in hand.


Starts with a 32 bucket capacity.

Ender Pearl adds 8 and Ender Eye adds 16, up to 256 buckets.

Capacity upgrades are permanent and apply to the current owner/color configuration.


Starts with a transfer speed of 0.25 buckets a second.

Up to 4 pistons can be applied for a total of 4 buckets a second.

Pump pushes liquid out bottom if fluid inventory exists and pulls from top.

Redstone signal enables pump. (Pipes pull without limit).


See mod configs to change values.

Ender Tanks

All tanks of the same color are connected, always.

Global, Personal, and Team available.

shift-right-click on a tank with dye to change band colors.


Ender Bucket

Link to a tank for handy access to stored liquids.

shift-right-click on a tank to link.

Submit localization files on github.

Found a bug?, use the Issue Tracker.

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