Equipment Compare

Equipment Compare


Makes it easier to compare equipment by showing a tooltip for what you're already wearing.

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Equipment Compare is a configurable client-side mod that simply makes it easier to compare equipment at a glance.  Highly useful in a modded environment with lots of unique items to compare!

This mod works differently than most tooltip "comparison" mods--it just shows a tooltip for what you're already wearing next to the tooltip for what you're hovering over.  By doing it this way, there is much wider support for new stats and features added by other mods.

All versions besides the 1.12.2 version require Iceberg, you can download it here.

Client / Server

This mod is fully client-side.


By default, you can show comparison tooltips by holding the shift key and hovering over an item.  This is configurable as a keybind in the inventory section of the controls menu.

The configuration file for the mod also has options to reverse this behavior (always show comparisons unless the key is held), as well as color and text options for the "equipped" badge that shows above tooltips.

Additionally, you can specify a list of item IDs to blacklist if you'd like to disable comparisons for certain items.


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


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