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Expose your film, print your photos!

Camera Description Film, Lightroom and Photograph Photograph and negatives
Description in text form


  • Operating the Camera is simple: load a Film Roll, open the Viewfinder, compose your shot and release the shutter.
  • Press/Hold Sneak when looking through Viewfinder to control Camera settings: Focal Length, Shutter Speed, Flash mode, Composition Guides.
  • Use the Camera while sneaking to open the Attachments window, where you'd be able to:
    • Load a Film
    • Equip the Flash (Redstone Lamp)
    • Modify the Lens (Spyglass)
    • Put a Filter on the lens (Glass Panes)


  • To capture an image you'll need to expose light-sensitive film.
  • You can use simpler black and white film or, more sophisticated and harder to make and process, color film.
  • Single film roll can fit 16 frames on it.
  • Developing is required to prepare film for printing.


  • Photographs are printed with the help of a Lightroom block.
  • Negatives can be previewed before printing to help you choose the best exposure.
  • Black and white print requires Paper and Black Dye. Color print will require Cyan, Magenta and Yellow dyes on top of that.


And finally, you have your Photograph - a captured moment in time! Now it's time to admire the result, hang it on the wall, share with friends, sell it to the National Geographic. The possibilities are endless.


  • Catalog - creative-mode tool to view and manage exposures

Known incompatibilities:

  • Optifine - known for causing problems with other mods. Use Sodium/Embeddium instead.
  • Visual Overhaul - crashes when opening camera controls - GitHub Issue
  • Exordium - causes issues and flickering when looking through viewfinder.
  • FastAnim (Fabric) - breaks player model animations with camera. Github Issue

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